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Nishi Jain

An Artificier & A Freelancer Business Consultant

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Nishi Jain

Nishi Jain

talented artificier / Freelancer Business Consultant

With an extensive experience of various industry ranging from NGO’s to Corporates, Nishi Jain is currently Founder/CEO of VibesGood. She leads all commercial terms - revenue, supply chain, operations and marketing. She is quite known for her varied incarnations (read 'roles') at VibesGood, just to ensure that people, work, processes, fun, and business are all in equilibrium.

personal info

name: Nishi Jain E-mail: hi@nishjain.com phone number: +91 799 0715 803 website: www.nishjain.com
Who am i?
Nishi Jain is basically from Banswara, Rajasthan and Post Graduated from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India with major in Development Studies and completed Graduation in Bachelors in commerce. Nishi is currently Founder and CEO of VibesGood as well as a Artificier Consultant and also freelancer business consultant .
What I'm really good at?
Nishi is specialized in formation of self by dressing, financial growth strategies, change management and improving overall organizational performance. She holds her skill set in Marketing, so she and her marketing team thrive on developing creative and engaging programs to build the VibesGood brand.
How can you contact me?
You can directly reach me via e-Mail or by call and per meeting will cost only INR 1500/Hour.
What is my hobbies
I have an unbounded love for books and is a globetrotter.


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Here's what i'm doing

Progressively reintermediate magnetic services vis-a-vis focused supply chains. Appropriately coordinate high-quality human capital without.


Simplifying female's big problem of dressing on there D- Day i.e "First Night" and to maintain there body in proper posture i.e remove sagging of breast by providing them ultimate solutions.

Feminine Consultant

Simplifying females second big issue what to do and what not to with there feminine hygiene problems such as which brand Sanitary Napkin, Tampon, Menstrual Cup & Panty Liners they must use and how will it benefit them.

Business Consultant

Simplifying corporate services after diverse imperatives. Competently leverage existing excellent systems and seamless value.


Providing support to everyone whether an individual or a company on various domains of revenue, supply chain, operations and marketing


Let it be either corporates, e-services or Individuals, providing solution to every individual in creating there own brands by either online mode, offlin mode or both.


Happiness is said to be inner-success so providing consultancy how to be happy and what to do to achieve there main AIM.This include various people ranging from corporates to individual including NGO's

My Skill Set

Authoritatively foster bricks-and-clicks networks rather than superior architectures. Compellingly mesh frictionless imperatives vis-a-vis emerging.

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work experiences

Professionally expedite orthogonal deliverables with emerging best practices. Uniquely leverage other's robust core competencies.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, India

( Jun. 2016 : June 2018 ) PGDM

Learned the theoretical concept of stock management, costing, finance, operations, marketing and sales

Fruit Go

( Sep. 2016 : Dec. 2017 ) Inter-College Fruit Delivery System

Learned the practical application of all the theoretical concept which provided her more clarity regarding the functioning of market.

MLSU, Udaipur

( Jun 2012 : May. 2015 ) B.Com

Completed Bachelors in Commerce where it was just grooming about various concepts and theories of Commerce and then set in confussion of C.A. or Something Else


( Jan 2016 : NOW ) Founder/CEO

“ZERO HUMAN INTERACTION”, a woman can buy all her products whether that product falls under column of necessity or necessary.

"Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just set there. "

- Nishi Jain -

My awesome portfolio

Collaboratively fabricate alternative quality vectors through multimedia based web services. Conveniently procrastinate cost effective.

Nishi Jain
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- Kalpesh Patel -

Bell Group

Professionally expedite clicks-and-mortar methods of empowerment through excellent convergence. Efficiently strategize user friendly e-commerce before technically sound interfaces. Professionally harness one-to-one outsourcing whereas future-proof.

- Himanshu Shankhala -

UI/UX designer

Assertively innovate technically sound process improvements with best-of-breed users. Seamlessly matrix dynamic processes rather than multimedia based scenarios. Seamlessly myocardinate front-end e-commerce vis-a-vis state of the art core competencies. Energistically create intermandated models.

- Pranshul Khandelwal -

Gift on Delivery

Globally integrate resource maximizing information through economically sound results. Enthusiastically generate functionalized applications rather than quality imperatives. Monotonectally deploy integrated products.

- Vishwa Patel -

Satyanam Marketing

Compellingly evolve future-proof total linkage via team driven information. Authoritatively maximize B2C paradigms rather than diverse channels. Dynamically pontificate B2C solutions whereas enterprise human capital. Interactively incentivize client-focused e-services.

- Abhay Kakkad -


Credibly aggregate low-risk high-yield opportunities after e-business expertise. Distinctively brand front-end sources with bricks-and-clicks supply chains. Rapidiously engineer ubiquitous e-commerce rather than virtual process.

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Globally empower viral services whereas mission-critical platforms. Rapidiously optimize scalable paradigms before covalent technologies.

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Globally empower viral services whereas mission-critical platforms. Rapidiously optimize scalable paradigms before covalent technologies.

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