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I help you in acheiving what you want. Through my work, I assist people in different aspects of life.

Work & Life

Imbibe the essential art for balancing all aspects of life and gaining control of happenings around

Growth in Profession

Scale the greater heights in your career and business and change the way the world responds to you

Vision & Wishes

Bring your vision and wishes to reality in life and achieve superior success

Choice & Change

Unlock the treasure within and take informed and confident decisions for changes in life

Solution to Problems

Break the hurdles and jump the blockades for winning over your problems


Feel the abundance of nature through the new perspectives and gratitude in life

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Narendra Gupta profile

Narendra Gupta

Consultant, Life Coach & Entrepreneur

Personal Info

My Name: Narendra Gupta

Nationality: Indian

E-mail: help@coachnk.com

Website: www.coachnk.com

My Phone: +91 968 7699 061

My Hobbies: Exploring, Knowing & Helping

About Me

Having contributed to growth of reputed large MNCs for about 10+ years, I decided to listen to my inner voice for being of help to people and their upliftment. I observe the humans, their behaviours and motives closely to derive insights about the cumulative journeys of many individuals. This provides unparalleled perspectives into how the ways of the world are and how the universal forces respond to individuals’ desires and wishes.
I derive deep satisfaction in motivating and inspiring people to achieve what they want, especially when they are faced with dilemma of risks and rewards or spoiling of current situation.

Why to choose me

People intrinsically have all the powers within themselves to achieve what they want. Yet, most of them fail to realize their dreams. To change for better requires help from an experienced person who can really connect at deeper level and unravel the underlying issues.

The distinctive combination of my education through management, strategy, leadership, psychology and life coaching programmes and work exposure to varied domains uniquely position me to understand and relate with issues concerning the people from diverse backgrounds. I’ve helped students, entry level professionals, middle level managers, senior level leaders, working women, housewives, business-owners, start-ups, self-employed specialists and many alike. However, I am of firm belief that these qualifications and certifications are just tools and enablers, it’s the passion for people and their goals which drives me to provide my best.

The methods an techniques employed by me are elementary yet powerful, thereby benefitting the large number of people.
• Elementary so that everyone can follow them easily
• Powerful so that it delivers the transformation results for everyone

I believe in inspiring...
Inspiring Everyone...

... to develop,
...to grow,
...to achieve,
...to be happy.
“To be inspired is great, to inspire someone is divine"

My Work in Numbers

Lives Impacted



Years' Experience

How I Do It

I take ‘AB-C-D’ (Appreciate, Benefits, Commence and Discover) approach for assisting my clients with most favourable outcomes from entire life coaching process. This ensures that the journey to fruitful results is smooth and satisfying.


The first piece of AB-C-D approach is combination of two sub-tasks which can be taken in either order. The objective of this AB stage is to appreciate the person and current life situation of the person. This entails understanding the person, motives and the results that the person wants to achieve.



The understanding and discussion are further corroborated through coach-client fitness test. This will reveal deeper insights about the person while also giving me sense of the more important priorities to focus on for the individual. The coach-client fitness test also confirms whether my sessions will benefit the specific person.



Upon confirmation of potential benefits, the client chooses the preferred plan for life coaching and fixes the schedule. Typically, the sessions are kept once a week for 3 months. Through interactive coaching sessions every week, the client learns more about self and progresses towards more fulfilling life.



During the journey, client is assisted with many tools and techniques to identify the solutions for the pressing problems in life. The discovery is greatly aided by probing and facts-presenting including real-life examples. As the client continues to shift perspectives, he / she benefits from better results in life.


What is life coaching

Whatever phase you’re in your life, you will find that you need change for better results. You need improvements. You know there is more that you can do. There is more that you can achieve. Therefore, you continue to look for more.

At the same time, you are afraid to begin the change as the fear of failure outweighs the desire to win. This in turn leads to issues in personal life, finding lesser opportunities for professional growth, being entangled in relationships, continually struggling to make sufficient money, continuing to lead a monotonous and purposeless life, and so on. The list is quite long, as human life is multi-dimensional.

While you know you need more,you’ve been not able to move forward a lot. You’ve tried many ways but unable to figure it out. That’s where life coaching helps you.

Life Coaching is a wonderful process that helps you find the right solutions to your issues. Your issue may belong to any one or more areas of life. Yet, it impacts whole aspects of life thereby creating problems and lack of desired results for you. We have enlisted below major issues wherein our life coaching process helps individuals and makes their lives more meaningful.

For real life cases, read on our testimonials.

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My Credentials

A synopsis of qualification and major assignments.

Over The Years

- Coached business owners and professionals on diverse issues
- Implementation of standardized framework and templates for effective management review
- Delivering insights on strategic issues and informed decision making
- Training of clients from various companies on Soft Skills.
- Assisting individuals find solutions to various problems in life


- Business Enhancement Programme for Large Showroom Owner, Family and their employees
- Future Readiness Programme for Electrical Component Manufacturer
- HR Consultancy services to various clients including MNCs
- Life coaching / Advisory services to professionals for career growth
- Assisting business owners in phenomenal growth of business


- MDP in Strategic Planning (AIIM, Ahmedabad)
- National workshop on Women’s harassment at Work Place - North Gujarat University
- Conducted course on Effective Written Business Communication for employees - Sky Productivity
- Training of KV Teachers from multiple states on Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
- Conducted course on Finishing Skills for learners from different streams - BrainZ


- Appreciation for driving the Business Transformation projects pertaining to operations
- Implemented MCLiP leading to ease of preparing documents and 4000+ man-hours savings p.a.
- Certified Master Spirit Life Coach (ICF, USA)
- Train the Trainer programme (Dale Carnegie, Pune)
- Policy level improvements for Indian Railways


- Appreciation for Performance Improvements and Initiatives at Adani
- Certified Life Coach (ICF, USA)
- Trained Customer Service Cell team on Communication, SOPs and Business Etiquettes - Ports
- Capacity assessment and augmentation plan for West Basin at Mundra Port


- Gold Awards to people for Presentations at VCCQC
- Driven data-based monitoring to achieve 100+ Mn MT cargo: the first and the only seaport in India


- Led and executed business transformation projects at the country’s largest seaport(Mundra Port)
- Trained Field Executives and Supervisors on Documentation and Business Presentation skills


- Certificate of Appreciation for contributions to JCI Certification at Fortis, Mulund
- Trained Front office team on FOS Metrics (Customer Satisfaction Measures) - Hospital
- Devised Standardized Framework and Templates for effective management review
- Region-wide restructuring and market correction of compensation
- Driven and monitored Annual Operating Planning exercise for the largest region in the company


- Enhanced the Service Standards resulting into Satisfaction Scores improvements by 6%
- Strategy & Operations Fundamentals – Deloitte
- Strategic Road Map cum Detailed Action Plan for Development of Coastal Shipping in Kerala
- Traffic Study for Nargol Port – Gammon / Welspun
- SME Development Meet organized by CII


- Leadership Essentials - Harvard Business School Publishing
- Passenger Traffic Forecast for New Rail Line from Bolangir to Khurda Road - RVNL
- Project Report for Liquid Bulk Cargo for a Greenfield port at Dahej – Sterling Ports Limited
- Traffic Assessment for a Greenfield port at Okhamadi - GVK
- Destination Madhya Pradesh 2010 – Global Investors Summit – ILFI / MP Government


- Management Essentials - Harvard Business School Publishing
- Statistical validation of Traffic potential for Azhikkal / Kollam / Alappuzha ports - DoP, Kerala
- Infrastructure in Maharashtra – CII & Maharashtra Government
- International Conference on Civil Aviation – Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government India & FICCI
- CT-1, CT-3 & CT-7 - Institute of Actuaries of India


- Preparation of Project Report and Business Proposal for JV – a Polymers company
- State of Economy from the perspective of logistics and transportation sector's'; in Gujarat – CII
- PG Level Certificate Course in SPSS


- Project Report to arrange finance for Setting-up Organic Food Processing Unit
- Project Report to arrange finance for expansion of PVC Granules Pulverizing unit in Ahmedabad
- Certificate in Counselling Skills (Psychology)

2006 & Earlier

- Appreciation for best project and honorary services - Blind People’s Association,Ahmedabad
- MBA - Strategy & Operations
- Preparation of Strategic Plan – Blind People’s Association
- B.Sc. (Science-Mathematics)

Positive Changes Delivered


Realize Your Dreams


Become successful


Increase Your Happiness


Develop a big vision


Have Balance in Life


Overcome Obstacle


Achieve Higher Goals


Have Choices


Increase Your Influencing Power


Create Better Future


Maintain healthy relationships


Make Change Happen


Have a carrer you want


Enhance emotional quotient


Reach Financial Independence


Expand your horizons


Fulfill your desires


Gain superior health


Widen Your Social Circle


Leave Right impression


Boost Self Esteem

Sample of Work


Gain Superior Health


Eliminate Stress


Create Better Future


Boost Self Esteem


Overcome Obstacle


Increase Your Happiness


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